Is it worth paying more for premium fuel?

Can premium fuel make a difference to vehicle running costs?

You’ve probably seen the pumps on the petrol station forecourt offering premium fuel in addition to regular petrol and diesel options. But have you ever wondered just what the difference between regular and premium actually is? Or whether it really is worth paying more for premium fuel? We take a look at whether paying that little bit extra for your fuel can make a difference to the overall running costs of your used van.

What is premium fuel?

Premium petrol - such as premium unleaded petrol or super unleaded - differs from the standard options available on the forecourt in that it has a higher octane rating. How this benefits fuel consumption is simple: the greater the amount of octane, the better - and more effective - its performance in high compression engines. As such, for those driving high-performance vehicles, using premium petrol is almost a necessity.

Premium diesel, meanwhile, differs again. Instead of possessing a higher octane rating, premium diesel is defined by its chemical mixture that has been designed to clear soot deposits from within the vehicle’s fuel system.

Can I improve mileage?

As noted above, premium fuels are designed with performance in mind, specifically for those with high-performance engines and vehicles. The obvious appeal of using premium fuels in regular vehicles - such a quality used van from Vanwise - is the hope that mileage and fuel efficiency improve in order to justify the additional cost of premium petrol.

Unfortunately, those expecting a surge in fuel efficiency will be disappointed. While the higher octane rating should make it burn more efficiently - and thus deliver increased power through the burning of less fuel - any improvement will most likely be affected by such factors as how you drive and the type of used van you’re driving.

The only sure-fire way of judging whether there has been a positive effect on mileage and fuel consumption with premium fuels is to conduct an assessment yourself. Try filling your vehicle with premium fuels and recording overall performance, then compare with regular options. Since premium fuels are refined for high-performance models, don’t be surprised to see little return for the increased costs of refilling your vehicle.

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