What is PCP Finance?

With Vanwise, there are many flexible finance plans to choose from and get you moving sooner than you might think in the car or van of your choice. If you like driving different models and having the choice of changing your driving options, we recommend a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) plan.

How does it work?

Through a PCP on the vehicle of your choice, you can benefit from reasonably low monthly payments, depending on the model. After an initial deposit, you lease the car for a fixed, agreed term. At the end of the term on a PCP plan, you have the choice of three options:

  • return the car and take out a new lease on a different model;
  • return the car and walk away; or
  • make a final ‘balloon’ payment to take ownership of the car.


Fixed, low monthly payments will allow you to afford brand new models. Many drivers opt for a PCP plan due to the lower monthly payments when compared to HP, and they like having the option of changing their set of wheels every three years.

Who is this finance option suitable for?

Drivers who enjoy driving the latest models with hi-tech features will enjoy PCP, as they can upgrade their car every few years. Young drivers particularly like PCP for this reason, and it can also help credit ratings.

Important points

PCP is like renting a car. You are paying off the cost of its depreciation and the car is not yours, unless you decide to pay the balloon payment at the end. Speak to one our specialist advisers about the car or van of your choice and we can provide a forecast on what you can expect to pay.

General Terms and Conditions

The choice you make will depend on your lifestyle or business requirements, and different terms and conditions will apply for each model. Make sure you read and fully understand the terms and conditions of your PCP contract before signing. This lease is a legally binding contract where all payments will need to be made, so ensure that you are able to make these payments. Failure to pay will result in the car being repossessed and potential charges, as well as damage to your credit rating.

Contact Vanwise today for more information on our wide range of used vans, or to test drive one of our models. Feel free to call or enquire online and our specialists will get back to you.