Van Leasing - What is Business Contract Hire?

At Vanwise, our customers can benefit from a broad range of finance plans to own their commercial vehicle. If you are a business owner, you are likely to take out a Business Contract Hire plan (BCH), which is essentially a lease that requires manageable monthly payments.

How van lease deals work

Similar to a Personal Contract Purchase plan, a BCH plan requires a low initial deposit, followed by fixed monthly payments. The length of the term on a BCH plan is negotiable, but it usually lasts for a period of one to four years. You can enjoy vehicle warranty included in the package, as well as road tax. At the end of the van lease, you can trade in the business fleet for an upgrade, or return the fleet and walk away.


The benefits of having a BCH plan are that you can enjoy the latest technologies and designs as you continue to renew your fleet. BCH plans are stress-free and flexible, so you can find one that suits your business and helps you to manage your cash flow. Repayments can also be made as a company expense with low emissions of less than 130g/km, and you can save on tax as you can claim back VAT.

Who this finance option is suitable for

Whether you opt for a small or large fleet, a BCH plan is a suitable option for businesses that are looking for flexibility and easy-to-manage payments.

Important points

When carrying out a BCH contract, you will be given a mileage allowance. This ensures that the value of the models does not depreciate more than expected. If the mileage is exceeded, then you will need to pay extra on returning your model with a price-per-mile set up.

We have many van models to choose from, featuring popular brands such as Ford, Citroën and Mercedes-Benz. Browse our pages now to see what you can find.

General Terms and Conditions

Always ensure you understand the terms and conditions before you sign. You are obligated to make all payments, and you must know in advance that you can make these. Call the team at Vanwise today or complete our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you. We are happy to discuss all of our finance plans and aid your decision in finding a car that meets your needs.