Preparing you used commercial van for autumn

Autumn van maintenance tips

Summer may be in full swing with no sign of letting up, but it always pays to be prepared for the coming season. Autumn can set in fast here in the UK, so if you’re lacking any supplies or need to make replacements, now is a good time to schedule them so that everything is ready come the colder weather. Here’s our vehicle maintenance checklist for autumn.

Get some new wiper blades

We’ve all left our wiper blades on for too long at one time or another. Old, dirty blades produce those irritating smears across our windscreens each time we use the screen wash or need to improve our visibility when it’s raining. If it’s been two years or more since your van last saw a wiper change, make sure you get one before the colder weather sets in.

Check your tyre treads

This is a job that should be done periodically anyway, but it’s particularly important to check your tyre tread depth before autumn arrives. The last thing you want is to lose grip on the way to a job and end up with damaged products or – worse – involved in a collision. Let your fleet manager know if your treads are looking shallow, or if the van is yours, book in a tyre change at your local garage.

Replace light bulbs

Even now the nights are starting to come around faster, so it’s a good time to get your head and tail light bulbs changed. Even if your lights are working fine, it may be worth investing in some spares so you don’t get caught out. Remember to check them regularly too, as drivers of commercial vans can face a fine if driving about with a light out.

Top up washer fluid

In the dry weather, there’s very little need for washer fluid as your windscreen doesn’t suffer from the same muddy deposits as in autumn and winter. It’s still worth keeping it topped up though – you never know when you might get caught in a shower or need to clean your windscreen on the go.

Stock up on supplies

You’ve no doubt ditched the blanket and torch while the days have been long and the weather fine. As we head into autumn, however, it’s a good idea to ensure these items go back into your van. Ensure you stock up on any other supplies you may need for the colder spells too, including a scraper, de-icer and some snacks should you get caught out.

Whether you prepare your vehicle for autumn now or in a month, ensure you take these essential tips from our vehicle maintenance checklist into account. This will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your van is safe in the cold weather. If you’re looking to invest in used commercial vans for the coming season, visit your local Vanwise Group dealer. At our location in Harlow, we offer a wide selection of makes and models, as well as some competitive finance offers.