5 reasons to buy a used Mercedes Benz Citan

Buying a used Mercedes Benz Citan

As a luxurious automobile brand well-known for producing expertly crafted, highly stylish vans complete with an abundance of space and advanced tech features, Mercedes-Benz is a go-to for many businesses in need of a reliable commercial vehicle. Built to an impeccably high standard, Mercedes models naturally turn heads. But with so much choice on the market, you might be wondering why a used Mercedes Citan should be your final choice.

Making a final purchasing decision is far from easy, but here are seven reasons the Citan stands out from the crowd and is likely to pique your interest.

1)The perfect business partner for city streets

If you’re looking for an urban companion, something hardworking, confident and unafraid of a day’s graft, Mercedes used vans including the Citan won’t disappoint. While the beautifully sculpted Panel Van is the smallest van in the Mercedes-Benz range, its compact dimensions make it ideal for navigating inner city traffic, narrow urban streets and parking spaces that wouldn’t be suitable for larger models.

Of course, as a city driver, you also need something that complies with Euro 6 emissions standards to avoid unnecessary charges for city driving. Mercedes-Benz was quick to upgrade the Citan’s specifications with models from 2015 onwards ticking all boxes regarding emissions regulations. The urban Citan delivery van comes with Euro 6 engines and a Blue Efficiency package as standard which promotes the ECO start/stop driving function to reduce fuel consumption.

2) Dashing good looks and plenty of space

When it comes to business, first impressions count which is why driving a slick, expertly designed van with striking visual elements and bold paintwork is a must. The Citan ranks highly in the style department with aerodynamic sculpting and flowing lines creating a unique silhouette. The iconic Mercedes-Benz logo and distinctive front grille instantly command attention while the efficient sliding doors emphasise the practicality of this great all-rounder. The colour palette is also diverse, ranging from neutral to vibrant depending on your tastes.

3) Driver comfort

Hop inside and you’ll also discover a comfortable, spacious driving environment with an adjustable steering wheel and seats that allow you to find the perfect position. There’s also plenty of leg and headroom so you won’t feel cramped even on the longest journeys. And as the driving position is high, you’ll get an extensive, clear view of the road ahead.

4) Impressive load capacity

The Citan Panel Van also comes with impressive load capacity. The biggest load volume can be found in the extra-long variant which offers up to 3.8 m³ - perfect for those bulkier delivery jobs or small home removal tasks. As an urban hero, key features also include bulkhead options, load securing rings for optimum safety, rear twin doors making loading and unloading easier than ever and a tailgate option.

The compact Citan Panel Van variant also has room for a Euro pallet longitudinally or transverse. The long and extra-long variants can carry two transversely arranged Euro pallets. Of course, the van type you opt for will depend on your business needs and the load capacity you’re usually required to take.

5) Responsive and a joy to drive

Whether you’re in need of used vans to purchase outright or are looking for high-quality used vans on finance to meet your business fleet needs, finding vehicles that are fun and easy to drive is a must.

The Citan Panel Van may be smaller than its other Mercedes-Benz competitors, but that doesn’t compromise its performance. Indeed, the Citan’s range of powerful Euro 6-compliant engines across the range are both eco-friendly and responsive, making any journey a breeze. The great amount of power produced allows you to pull away smoothly while acceleration remains consistent despite the bulk you’re carrying. Vans with a six-speed gearbox also provide effortless transmission.

With regards to handling, steering is light and responsive, so even if you have to make a challenging manoeuvre in the heart of the city, you’ll be able to do this without breaking a sweat. In fact, nothing is too difficult with the Citan, so don’t be afraid of reverse parking and taking on the roads with a smile.

6) Advanced safety features

Mercedes-Benz takes safety incredibly seriously and nothing is left to chance where the Citan is concerned. Model specs differ but typical safety features include ADAPTIVE ESP offering sixth sense braking when you need it, light and rain sensors, parking sensors and hillside assist to prevent rolling before you’ve had the chance to accelerate and drive away. As a commercial vehicle driver, you never know where your job will take you, so it’s better to be ready for all kinds of environments.

7) Impressive equipment

Modern driving has come on leaps and bounds. So even if you have an eight-hour motorway journey to contend with, you’ll still be kept entertained on route. The tech pack available will depend on the model and trim level you opt for but standard equipment on newer models available from used van dealers include cruise control, Bluetooth-enabled radio, air conditioning, electrically adjustable side mirrors, a navigation system with DAB radio and reversing parking sensors.

The Mercedes-Benz Citan panel van joins a host of other Citan van types including the spacious Mixto which can carry up to five passengers, the Citan Tourer Commercial which can carry seven passengers, and the Citan Tourer Private which is a comfortable small van for seven including the driver.

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