Top 10 most reliable used vans

Most reliable used vans in the UK

Reliability is essential to any commercial vehicle, with the need to maintain the very best performance key to the ongoing success of your business. We are pleased to detail the most reliable used vans currently available in the UK - one among many factors making Vanwise the best value in used vans for sale. Take a look at the list below and get in touch with our sales teams today to find out more.

Ford Transit

Unsurprisingly, the iconic Ford Transit represents one of the best used vans to buy. With a legacy stretching back to 1965, the model has undergone regular refinement to ensure that performance, efficiency, and running costs continue to be the best available.

Ford Transit Connect

Another model from the renowned Transit range that provides the utmost in reliability is the compact Ford Transit Connect. Offering great fuel economy and ideal for small businesses negotiating busy urban areas, the Transit Connect won’t let you down.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

With an array of body types available - ranging from haulage options to people carriers - the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter not only features the exceptional build quality associated with this high-end manufacturer, but also the performance.

Volkswagen Transporter

The Volkswagen name is synonymous with reliability, so it’s no surprise that the Volkswagen Transporter makes the list of the ten most reliable used vans. With five engine options and a versatile load space, choosing the Transporter will prove rewarding.

Volkswagen Caddy

Also boasting the attributes of the Volkswagen marque is the Volkswagen Caddy. Stylish, agile, and available in a range of engine sizes, the Caddy is among the most popular compact vans in the UK for good reason.

Mercedes-Benz Vito

Mercedes-Benz doesn’t have a name for delivering premium quality for no reason. Powerful and stylish, with a cabin that offers a car-like quality, the Mercedes-Benz Vito is pleasant to drive and capable of any task.

Vauxhall Vivaro

Tough, practical, and with surprisingly good fuel economy, the Vauxhall Vivaro ticks all the boxes for value for money. It’s hugely reliable too, with each version - ranging from panel van to passenger carrier - offering a comfortable ride.

Citroen Berlingo

Another compact commercial vehicle with different body length options available, the Citroen Berlingo offers a car-like drive complemented by a practical loadspace. Well equipped with in-car features, this modern commercial model will prove a valuable addition to your business.

Vauxhall Movano

With an award-winning pedigree, the heavy-duty Vauxhall Movano is as dependable as they come. Front or rear-wheel drive options work alongside the various load lengths, heights, engine options, and more to ensure there is a model to suit you.

Renault Trafic

Aside from the Ford Transit, the Renault Trafic is probably the most familiar name to those searching for a commercial van. Featuring exceptional technology, economical engines, and versatile loadspaces, there is always a Renault Trafic available for any business need.

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