Ford Transit Connect review

What you need to know about the Ford Transit Connect

It’s not easy to develop a commercial vehicle that performs to the same high standard as a passenger car. Yet, with each new commercial vehicle the company produces, Ford edges ever closer to the ultimate hybrid. With the latest Ford Transit Connect, the illustrious manufacturer has achieved a model that drives like a car and provides a well-considered load space for commercial businesses.

Transit pedigree

Few names are quite so iconic as the Ford Transit, a model that has dominated the new and used van markets since the mid-1960s. For the humble white van man and multinational corporations investing in a fleet of capable and dependable vehicles alike, the Ford Transit has been leading the way. It has also led to a selection of offspring models, of which the new Ford Transit Connect represents the utmost in excellence.


Available in a selection of wheelbases, and with Double Cab and fully-windowed Kombi editions, each edition of the Transit Connect affords motorists with quality design and modern styling that will prove a great addition to your vehicle lineup. Even each trim level - which includes Base, Trend, Limited and ECOnetic models - can all be relied upon to provide a spacious cabin with ample headroom, a compact steering wheel for easy maneuverability, and a dashboard that is more reminiscent of the Ford Focus car than any other commercial vehicle.

Storage space has been optimised, with a large overhead shelf, central storage area, and door pockets all essentials for the modern trade driver, while the Transit Connect even features an intelligent folding passenger seat that unveils added storage, or folds down to create a comfortable writing platform.

Regardless of the version you choose, the driving experience offered by Transit Connect truly is surprising. Agile and comfortable, you’ll be forgiven for forgetting that you’re behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle and will instead be able to simply enjoy your work commutes.


Businesses large and small invest in a new or used van for the same reason: to transport necessary items for their work. Whether that’s people or tools and goods, the load space is integral to your purchasing decision. Within the Ford Transit Connect range, a varying selection of load options is available, with the entry-level L1 van providing 2.9 cubic metres and a payload of up to 630kg. The larger L2 version increases the load volume to 3.6 cubic metres with a payload of 720kg, while optional High Payload modifications can expand this even further to over 1,000kg. Looking at things more practically, what this means is that carrying two Euro pallets and items up to 3.4 metres in length is comfortable. As such, there is certain to be an edition that ticks all the right boxes.

The final features to note in terms of practicality relate to accessing the vehicle’s load space. With side-hinged rear doors and a sliding side door, you will be able to access the storage compartment of your Ford Transit Connect with the utmost simplicity and in complete safety.


Running costs are all-important for business motorists, as too is the knowledge that the model you’re choosing has the ability to meet your demands. The Ford Transit Connect’s entry-level engines - the 1.5-litre TDCi diesels – not only deliver powerful performance, they also provide fuel economy up to 68.9mpg. The full ECOnetic economy package, which comes with stop-start technology, goes a step further, delivering a remarkable 72.4mpg. Of course, each model features a 60-litre fuel tank meaning that, regardless of the economy available, there will be long breaks between visits to the pumps.


We’ve touched on how the driving experience and cabin design of the new Ford Transit Connect is more car-like than ever before. This is accentuated by the technology on offer in the vehicle’s cabin, in particular Ford’s innovative SYNC 3 system, which provides hands-free connectivity to your smartphone and complete satellite navigation. There’s even the chance to take advantage of parking sensors and a rear-view camera that projects an image onto the rear-view mirror to simplify reverse parking - another feature more common to passenger vehicles than their commercial counterparts.


A number of active and passive safety measures complement such innovative technology to ensure each journey is as safe as can be. From Electronic Stability Control to Hill-Start Assist, Emergency Brake Assist to Ford’s Active City Stop, you can take to the road with the utmost confidence that you, your passengers, and your cargo are safe and secure.


Both the Ford and the Transit names are synonymous with engineering excellence. As such, selecting the new Ford Transit Connect means you are investing in a commercial vehicle that not only raises its game to meet your demands but will be able to drive your business to greater levels of success.

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