10 essential tips to keep your van up and running

Ensuring your van runs smoothly

Keeping your used van performing at its best means understanding precisely what you need to do to maintain peak condition. After all, better performance means lower running costs for your business and a reduced risk of incurring expensive repair fees should something go wrong with your vehicle.

At Vanwise Group, we only offer quality used vans that have been inspected by our team of experienced servicing specialists to ensure the best performance. However, we also aim to offer the support needed to keep your vehicle in top condition, so follow our 10 tips to keep your used van up and running.

1. Check tyre condition

One of the most fundamental tasks for any vehicle owner is to stay fully aware of the condition of their tyres. Carry out regular checks of the tread on your tyres as well as the tyre pressure to ensure your used van is meeting the legal requirements for roadworthiness.

2. Check oil levels

Without adequate oil in your used van, you are not only running the risk of vehicle breakdown and the gradual erosion of certain components, but you will be adversely affecting the running costs. Make sure you check and top up oil levels on a regular basis.

3. Maintain coolant levels

Keeping the coolant of your vehicle at an adequate level will help preserve the performance of your van’s engine. This in turn ensures the vehicle is running efficiently without causing undue harm to the engine.

4. Windscreen wipers

It may seem low priority, but changing your windscreen wipers annually will help make the difference in terms of visibility when driving during inclement weather. Vehicle maintenance is about more than performance; it promotes safety too.

5. Check lighting

Essential for safety and also a legal requirement, the lights on your vehicle need to be up to scratch at all times. Conduct regular checks of all lights on your van to ensure that they meet the demands necessary. You may want to ask a colleague to check the lights while you switch them on and off.

6. Windscreen

The integrity of your van’s windscreen should be monitored on a regular basis to ensure no chips or scratches to the glass impair your visibility or risk your safety out on the roads. If left unattended, even the slightest crack can turn into something more severe, leading to expensive repairs.

7. Check your spare

When was the last time you took a look at the condition of your spare tyre? While replacing a tyre may not be an everyday occurrence, it’s worth checking that any spare tyre you have is up to the job should it be required.

8. Air conditioning

Monitoring the performance of your air conditioning system may prove to be a lifeline come the warmer months of the year. When travelling in a professional capacity, often with others, making sure your air conditioning is fully functional and blowing clean, healthy air, is vital.

9. Bodywork

For commercial motorists, the chances of damage to bodywork - both interior and exterior - is greater than private drivers, with the loading and unloading of goods, transporting equipment, and more passengers obviously putting greater strain on your vehicle. Make sure you conduct regular appraisals of your van’s bodywork to keep it in perfect condition.

10. Be prepared

Keeping a toolbox of essential equipment within your van is a must. From simple tools such as a jack to spare engine oil in case of emergency, it pays to be prepared for any potential mishaps that may occur.

Buying a used van from Vanwise in Harlow is a great way to take ownership of a commercial vehicle that offers the best in performance. We can also provide business contract hire services to ensure you get good value for money. Contact us today for more details.