2020 Van and Pick-up International Awards

The 2020 Van International Award and the 2020 International Pickup Award were announced and handed over to manufacturers at special ceremonies in Lyon at the Solutrans International Exhibition.

Ford Transit Custom Hybrids range was awarded Van of the Year 2020

The Ford Transit Custom Hybrids range (the Plug-In Hybrid EV and EcoBlue Hybrid models) introduced earlier in 2019 won the Van of the Year 2020 award. The range also includes Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) and Light Diesel Hybrid (mHEV). Ford won over the jury as the only manufacturer in the segment with a hybrid range.

The PHEV system operates most of the time with zero emissions without reducing the mileage and volume or weight of the payload. The batteries (13.6 kWh) are easily and quickly recharged from the mains and provide an average van range of only over 30 miles. During the tests, members of the international jury evaluated the efficient and intelligent operation of the Custom PHEV power line. The front wheels of the series hybrid are driven by a 92.9 kW (92.9 kW) electric motor powered by the battery or the generator.

One of the most efficient power units in the world - the three-cylinder, gasoline EcoBoost (120 hp) drives the generator. The hybrid system has four operating modes for the driver to choose from. EV Auto gives priority to the movement of current, but decides when to start the ICE. EV Now prioritises zero-emission driving, and the ICE is deactivated until it reaches a critical battery level. With EV Later, the power generated by the generator goes only to the motor. In EV Charge mode, the energy from the generator is distributed to both the motor and the battery. In light hybrid (mHEV), an electric motor-generator supports the diesel engine or recovers electricity in the batteries, thus reducing fuel consumption and the emissions.

New to Ford's updated light weight range are its expanded telematics services and total connectivity, which ensure minimum downtime and business losses.

Ford Ranger won the 2020 International Pick-up Award

The latest generation of the new Ford Ranger, announced in early 2019, is the winner of the International Pick-up 2020 Award (IPUA 2020). The Ranger wins the competition with four other contenders after a three-day, off-road parallel test in Sweden at the end of September 2019. The Ford Ranger wins IPUA for the second time since 2013. The new Ranger has a new greener engine, with a number of technical improvements, with many security and safety innovations.

Jury members identified the Ranger as the best and most comprehensive pickup truck, noting that it was also the best-selling car of its class in Europe. The previous version of the model and the updated Ranger variant dominate the European market with almost 30% market share in the monochrome pickup segment.

In Sweden, the Ford pickup truck introduced one of its most equipped and attractive versions - the Wildtrak. The new generation of Ranger has a very refreshed appearance and a new interior. Under the hood of the Wildtrak is a 2.0-liter 2.0 EcoBlue diesel engine with a turbocharger and a maximum power of 213 hp. 10-speed automatic transmission manufactured by Ford was introduced with this model. The 4x4 drive is optional and has a downshift. The new Ranger is also equipped with many new technologies for connectivity, security and driver assistance that complement its on-line and off-road prowess.

In the tests, the Ranger Wildtrak reinforced the impression that the Ford pick-up performed equally well on and off the road. From all this, the jury judged that the model served equally well for both work and pleasure.

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