Are your van tyres in roadworthy condition?

Ensuring your tyres are safe

With modern commercial vehicles sporting the latest safety features, tyre safety can often be overlooked. Thankfully, checking for signs of worn tyre tread or even inadequate tyre pressure is a job that anybody can do in just a few minutes.

Follow our simple guide to checking your van tyres are of a roadworthy condition and ensure that each and every journey you take on behalf of your business is as safe as can be.

Checking tyre tread

Checking the tread on your van’s tyres not only represents a key measure of safety, it is also a legal requirement. Failure to have tyres suitable for use can lead to a fine of £2,500 and three penalty points; if all four tyres on your vehicle fall below the required standard, that could mean a £10,000 fine and the loss of your licence.

So, what is the minimum acceptable tyre tread depth? For motorists in the UK and across Europe, the legal tyre tread is 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of your tyre. What’s more, the tread must meet this standard across the complete circumference of the tyre.

While 1.6mm may not seem like a lot, it’s worth remembering that this is the very minimum allowed by law. Tyre safety experts in fact believe that tread depth should not drop below 3mm, so once you’re past this limit, investing in new tyres is advised.

The 20p test

More often than not, modern tyres feature tread wear indicators to alert you when you’re close to needing replacement. For those without such indicators, however, there is a simple and well-known means of checking your tread: the 20p test. Simply insert a 20p coin into the tread grooves of your tyre and, if you cannot see the outer band of the coin, your tyres are above the legal limit.

Checking tyre pressure

Checking the pressure of your tyres is another legal requirement for motorists, and one that needs no expertise to conduct. Petrol stations offer pressure gauges that enable you to measure the level of your tyres, or you can invest in one of your own for home use. Regardless, you should aim to check tyre pressure when the tyres are cold, as this will give the most accurate reading.

There is no one recommended tyre pressure that suits all vehicles, so you should refer to either the vehicle’s handbook or the sticker inside the driver’s door for guidance on the ideal pressure of your tyres. Once determined, you can simply return to the necessary limit and take to the roads knowing you’re legally meeting the necessary requirements.

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