Best Vans for New Businesses

Buying a van for your business

Buying a vehicle for a small business is a pretty hefty investment so you’re going to want to get it right the first time. Buying a van that isn’t suitable for your business or encounters a ton of money-wasting problems is going to be damaging to your efficiency, which you definitely don’t want! To help you find a van that’s perfect for your business, our team at Vanwise Group have put together our three favourite picks from the bunch. Take a look!

Ford Transit Connect

As a compact version of the much-loved (and also highly recommended) Ford Transit, the Ford Transit Connect is great for getting around busy city roads and smaller streets. It’s one of the best cargo vans for small businesses in our opinion. With great fuel economy, giving 21 miles per gallon on city roads and 29 on highways, this is a winner if you want to save a few pounds in the long-term! It’s also easy to drive due to its smaller size, making it nimble on the roads. If you only need a little van this is a definite winner – though if you need something with a lot of room we wouldn’t head for the Ford Transit Connect. It can carry up to 1,600 pounds in the back.

Volkswagen Caddy

If you’ve got more money to spare on investing in a van, we’d recommend the Volkswagen Caddy. It is pricey – even when bought in used condition – but it’s sturdy structure, comfortable interior and reliability on the road do make it worth it. It has a load capacity of 3.2m3 (or, in the Caddy Maxi Panel, 4.2m3) and can be customized with a rubber floor, insulation, sound-dampening and lashings rails and rings. This van’s certainly an investment, but it’s one that’ll be worth it if you use it frequently.

Renault Kangoo

With an electric option and being hugely customizable, you can make the Renault Kangoo exactly what you want it to be. The electric version – the Kangoo ZE - has a range of 170 miles and is great for low emission zones or if your new business promotes an eco-friendly attitude. The Kangoo has a 3.6m3 load volume, which is quite roomy, and a bulkhead that can be adjusted in position along with a rear roof flap means that you can pack in difficult cargo far easier.

There are a ton of vans available to new businesses and a lot of great contenders for the list, so really it comes down to a mixture of what us experts say is best and what you know you need. We have a wide range of used vans available at Vanwise Group that are perfect for new businesses, so check them out on our site or come to one of our sites in Harlow to check out what we’ve got. We also have business contract hire packages that are made to help new businesses finance for the vans they need so you can get on with the jobs that matter to you.