Choosing the right van for your business

How to choose the right vehicle for your business

There’s nothing quite like purchasing a vehicle. With so many options available, each packed with the latest automotive technology, environmentally friendly performance, and great fuel efficiency, investing in something new is truly exciting. Even business owners looking at upgrading their van for their working day are able to feel the anticipation of taking ownership of something new, with the knowledge that their day-to-day tasks will be supported by a model that offers exceptional performance.

Of course, with so much choice, it can be difficult to narrow down the options. So how can you be sure that you’re choosing the right van for your business? We take a look at the range of models available to help you determine the ideal van to meet your needs.

Panel van: Panel vans provide a versatile storage area perfect for the transportation of all manner of goods. Such models as the Ford Transit and the Vauxhall Combo are among the most popular, with most models coming in an array of variants and wheelbases, and with rear and side doors making loading simple.

Luton van: With a distinctive appearance, Luton vans - also known as box vans - provide an extended cargo area above the cab area of the van, as well as a box-shaped area to the rear. Most Luton vans are wider than a panel van, but offer only rear loading access.

Flatbeds and pickups: Though not as common in the UK as in the US, flatbeds and pickups are similar in concept to box vans, with the difference being that the load bed to the rear of the vehicle is exposed to the open air. This makes them the perfect option for those not requiring security or weather protection for the transported cargo.

Crew van: For those businesses needed to transport people - perhaps a workforce or just paying passengers - a crew van is the best choice. Taking on the same dimensions as regular panel vans, but replacing side panels with windows, and cargo space with seating, these models provide a practical and affordable way to transport crew from job to job.

City van: Compact in size and agile to drive, city vans represent the van of choice for those needing to transport goods of a smaller size throughout urban areas. Often little bigger than regular cars, these offer an affordable entry into commercial vehicle ownership.

Find the right van with Vanwise

Purchasing the right van for your business is essential, so asking yourself the right questions related to your needs is vital. Among those key points to consider are what are you going to be using the van for? Do you require security measures installing? What capacity is required? Do you require a warranty or service plan?

At Vanwise in Harlow, we can help support you in finding the perfect used van for your requirements. We offer a range of finance options to ensure any purchase is affordable, can provide warranty and servicing packages, and have an array of model types to suit all requirements. Pay us a visit today for more information.