Do I really need a certified pre-owned Sprinter van?

When you’re looking for a new van for your business, your priority is to find a model that not only proves reliable, but also offers affordable running costs and can meet your needs. Budget is, of course, always a factor too. For that reason, lots of fleet managers choose a pre-owned vehicle. So is there any real value in opting for, say, a certified pre-owned Sprinter van as opposed to an uncertified one?

What is a certified van?

When a used van is certified it means that comprehensive checks have been carried out to ensure the vehicle meets a certain set of standards. An inspection and HPI check take place to identify any pre-existing issues, which are rectified before the van goes onto the dealer forecourt.

Why is it important to choose a certified van?

Using our example of pre-owned Sprinter vans, choosing a certified one can result in savings in the long term, even though it may be more expensive to purchase. Certified pre-owned vehicles are often available with low interest finance options which rival those of brand new models. That means that although the list price may be higher, the van is more affordable month to month.

Peace of mind is another benefit. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans, as high quality products, often have higher repair costs due to the price of parts. With a certified vehicle, however, the associated warranty covers (or at the very least dramatically minimises) the cost of repairs or replacement parts, so you won’t be paying out for them as you would for an uncertified vehicle.

Another reason to opt for a certified pre-owned Sprinter van is that only certain vehicles qualify. By purchasing a certified van, you can be sure that it has low mileage, is of a certain age and has a clean history.

Finally, the multi-point check carried out on certified vehicles means that between 100 and 200 items are inspected and approved. Such thorough checks mean that potential issues are identified and resolved by the time it goes on sale.

Do certified used vans hold their value better?

In the case of a used Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, a certification will enhance the resale value. The manufacturer program offers an excellent warranty, which supports the brand’s reputation for reliability – a significant factor in mitigating depreciation.

Due to the multi-point check, the general condition of the vehicle is normally better too. If you look after your van and avoid damaging the bodywork, you can maximise the resale value. Because only vans with lower mileage are selected for certification, your van has low mileage when you purchase it. That means you can safely add a few more miles than normal if necessary without risking your Sprinter’s value too much.

Used Sprinter vans for sale

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