Don’t Get Fined: Guide to Where You Can and Can’t Park

Parking Rules and Regulations

Despite what a lot of people who don’t drive think, general parking rules are much more complicated that you’d probably expect. The general consensus is double yellows means no and no double yellows means yes – but what about single yellows, zig-zags and permit areas?

At Vanwise Group, we’re experts in all things van and driving related, so we thought we’d help you lads and ladies out by clearing things up. Here’s everything you need to know about parking rules.

General Parking Rules

Let’s take a look at the basics. The most obvious place to park is in designated parking areas which will be marked with a sign displaying a white ‘P’ on a blue background. You may have to pay to park here and there could be time limits on non-permit holders, so just be sure to check you know all about that before leaving your car.

Double and Single Yellow Lines

Double-yellows mean that you can’t park or wait at any time of day unless you’re a blue-badge holder. This means you can park on double or single yellows for three hours maximum as long as you’re not a hazard to other drivers on the road. In some cases, you can also continuously load or unload vehicles on double-yellows, but look out for any signs that don’t permit it.

Single yellows mean you can’t park, wait or load (unless a blue-badge holder) until the given times of day which will be posted on a nearby sign.

Double-Red Lines

Double-red lines under parking laws mean that you can’t stop, unload, load, park or get in and out of a vehicle. They’re generally used in London. Sometimes there are time restrictions on these so be sure to check around for signs if you’re unsure.

Yellow and White Zig-Zags

Commonly found outside public places such as hospitals, yellow zig-zags show the section of the road where stopping is never permitted. White zig-zags, under parking rules, are used when approaching a pedestrian crossing area to show vehicles they can neither stop here or overtake.


Some areas will have signs up that indicate permit-only areas. You can’t park in these unless you have the required permit or the signage states times – usually evenings and Sundays – when you can park in the area.

It’s important when driving your van that you know these general parking rules, which is exactly why we put together this parking guide! We always do everything we can to help our Vanwise customers stay safe on the road, including providing a range of safety-checked used vans that you can find at our sites in Harlow. We also have finance options available to help you get the van you need and a payment plan to suit you.