Electric van guide - what you need to know

About electric commercial vans

We’ve all witnessed the growth of electric vehicles with great admiration, with the selection of fully electric and hybrid passenger cars offering exceptional performance, zero emissions, and impressive driving ranges. But the technology is only now coming to the fore in commercial vehicles, enabling businesses large and small to take advantage of innovative automotive engineering and an industry-leading economy.

At Vanwise Group in Harlow, we’re pleased to provide you with all you need to know about electric commercial vans, focusing on the advantages - and disadvantages - of investing in such a model.

Advantages of electric commercial vehicles

The obvious benefit of driving an electric van is being able to enjoy the eco-friendliness of the models. With corporate social responsibility important for modern companies, knowing that the vehicle you’re driving is producing no CO2 or NOx emissions will provide complete peace of mind that you’re doing the most possible for the environment.

In addition to the zero-emission performance, electric vans are renowned for their unrivaled running costs. With no fuel to purchase and engine technology that is less susceptible to wear and tear, keeping your mobile is more affordable than ever. In fact, to help inspire more businesses to invest in all-electric vehicles, the UK government provides a plug-in van grant worth up to 20% of the list price for your chosen vehicle, as well as reduced tax obligations.

An often underrated advantage of driving an electric vehicle is the fact that it provides almost silent running. Commercial vehicles - and diesel models in particular - are notorious for the noise they make, so for drivers and passengers to be able to enjoy motoring in a peaceful and calm environment will prove invaluable.

Disadvantages of electric commercial vehicles

As you would expect, it’s not all great news when it comes to driving an electric van, and many businesses may find that the drawbacks are too substantial to warrant investment. Some of the most common issues revolve around the driving range of electric vans, coupled with the charge time. As any commercial motorist will know, many miles need to be covered each day, so anxiety over range or the need to find somewhere to stop to recharge could prove too inconvenient.

Another factor that goes against purchasing an electric van for your business relates to the retail price. Even with the government grants available, there’s no way to circumvent the fact electric motoring technology is new and expensive. Components used in the development and performance of each vehicle don’t come cheap; as such, it comes down to the consumer to foot the bill.

Concerns have also been expressed by many experts over the endurance provided by the batteries used in electric commercial vehicles, with deterioration over time meaning that they hold less charge the older they are. This not only compromises the performance you experience but could impact the resale value of your vehicle.

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