Electric Van Guide: Can an EV Van Work for your Business?

Buying an Electric Van for your Business

Whether you operate a single van for your private tradesman’s business or an entire fleet, it’s important to look for cost-effective on-road solutions. If reducing your outgoings is a top priority, finding an electric van for sale might by high on your to-do list. But is an ev van good for business and how can it work for you? All the details are here in this handy electric van guide.

What is an electric van?

First things first, let’s cover the basics. An electric van is a zero emissions vehicle. This means that an electric system is used instead of a diesel or petrol engine and fuel tank. With people becoming more and more environmentally aware and van manufacturers upping their electric van spend, you’re sure to see an increasing number of vehicles like this on the road. But what are the benefits?

  • Cheap to run. Vehicles such as the Nissan e-NV200 and the Renault Kangoo ZE are cheap to run. This is because the cost per mile is cheaper and there are fewer moving parts, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Eco-friendly. One of the biggest pulls for electric van drivers is that they’re much kinder on the environment than heavyweight diesel or even petrol alternatives. They release no CO2 or NOx emissions helping to greatly improve air quality.
  • No charges.With more and more emission free zones popping up in the UK including the low emissions zone (LEZ) in central London, going electric could save you money – particularly if you work in the capital. Vehicles that fail to meet current Euro 6 emissions standards are charged a daily free, but electric vehicles are exempt due to their cleaner nature. Electric vehicles can even enjoy free parking in some areas as an additional incentive.
  • Quiet to drive. If you’re fed up of a noisy cabin, switching to an electric vehicle could be the right option for you. They’re extremely quiet (verging on silent) and only give off a very faint hum at top speeds.
  • Impressive range. Many fully electric vehicles can travel well over 100 miles on a single charge making them both practical and convenient. They’re therefore perfect for people who operate in a local area or make a series of short journeys throughout the day.

Is there a downside?

If you’re thinking about going down the electric van route, that’s great, but it’s important to know the disadvantages of such vehicles.

  • Range anxiety. Electric vans these days have a really good range. But they still can’t travel as far on a single charge as a petrol or diesel van can on a single tank or fuel. This is obviously an issue for people who cover long distances on a regular basis as stopping to recharge can be an inconvenience. What’s more, you also need to stop at a specific charging spot. This could be a garage or an off-street parking space near an electricity supply.
  • Payload limitations. Electric vans are capable of carrying large loads. But the extra weight requires more power and this, in turn, will reduce the distance an electric van can travel.

Electric vehicles are rapidly modernising the automotive industry with many electric vans now available to lease from used van dealers. It’s all about making the right choice for you and your business. Contact Vanwise Group today for more information about used vans available or our business contract hire solutions. We have a modern dealership in Harlow, so why not book a test drive?