Essential Tips for Improving Fuel Economy When Driving a Van

Vehicle Fuel Economy

If you’re looking to save a bit of money as a van driver, you might want to consider these little tricks to save a ton of fuel. They’re simple and have a large and lasting effect, so give them a go!

Make Fewer Trips

After you’ve stopped your van for a few hours and the engines cooled down, when you re-start it to go out for a spin the first five miles are going to consume new more fuel than normal to get it going again. So, by combining all your errands into one drive, you’re actually going to be saving money! Plan ahead for one big trip instead of lots of little ones and save your tank from falling empty.

Think About Traffic

Trying to avoid traffic can be a great way to increase your vehicle fuel efficiency. Keep clear of rush hour or plan alternative routes when you know there are pile-ups. Driving in traffic is terrible for vehicle fuel economy as each time you stop and have to start again, your van is going to use a whole lot of petrol to get going.

Get Rid of the Weight

If you’re asking yourself ‘what can I do to improve gas mileage?’, then one of the simplest solutions is to get rid of extra weight. Dump those boxes of junk in the rear of your van and only travel with stuff you actually need in the vehicle to help reduce the amount of fuel you’re using. Just like anything, the heavier your van is the more fuel is going to be needed to move it, so be wise!

Stick to the Speed Limit

The best driving style for fuel economy is sticking to the speed limit. Not only does this keep you within the law and reduce the dangers of driving, it also actually saves your petrol! By sticking, for example, to 40mph rather than going 50mph and shaving 10 minutes off your driving time, you’re going to save more fuel. You’ll get there slower, sure, but at least you’ll arrive in one piece and with a fuller tank.

Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Tricks

For a quick-fire round, here are some more tips that’ll help your vehicle fuel efficiency. Firstly, keep your windows closed whenever you can and remove roof racks when not in use to decrease the drag on your car. Turn the air conditioning off if you don’t need it and drive smoothly rather than frequently accelerating to overtake or catch up to the car ahead. Keep your tyre pressure from falling low by checking it regularly and don’t over-rev the engine.

Well there’s a whole lot of tips for you to take into consideration! By saving on your van’s fuel costs, you could be adding pretty large sums of leftover money to your bank each year.

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