Getting Your Van Ready for Winter

Here at Vanwise, we think it is important that you get the most out of your vehicle. That means achieving the optimum drive quality so that you are both comfortable and safe when you are on the road. To help you achieve this we have assembled a list of ten recommendations that will help you to drive safely and get the most out of your van during the coming winter months.

Compared to the bright skies and the warm breeze of summer, winter can be a difficult and often a hazardous period to operate a large vehicle. Icy roads and low visibility are responsible for many of the traffic accidents that happen over the winter period. We want all our customers, whether you have purchased a new or an Approved Used van, to enjoy safe and responsible driving. Read our top 10 tips below to ensure your next drive is a safe one.

  • The cold temperatures of winter mean that your van is particularly susceptible to losing some pressure in the tyres. To maximise your drive quality, top-up your tyre pressure regularly.
  • Keep a close eye on the electrolyte level on your vans battery. Low temperatures can cause permanent damage and replacing the battery can be expensive.
  • Check that your tyre treads are at least 3mm deep. This will give your van the optimum grip it needs for safe driving.
  • Regularly check your windscreen wipers for damage. You should also clean in and around the wiper area because extra dirt, grit and salt on the road can lower the efficiency of your wipers at a time when you will need them most!
  • Stock up on de-icer, windscreen wash, oil and anti-freeze. This will prevent you getting caught out if you happen to get snowed in.
  • If you can, keep your van protected at night with a cover or a tarpaulin sheet. This will minimise the effect of frost and extend the life span of your vehicle.
  • To avoid your locks freezing during the night, spread a bit of WD40 over the locks as well as a thin coat of silicone-based furniture polish on the rubber door seals. A stiff lock can easily lead to a broken key when you are trying to unlock.
  • Keep an emergency kit in you van, especially if you are going on a long drive. If you break down or you get caught in a storm, a set of provisions will make life a lot easier. A shovel, first-aid kit, torch and a blanket are all recommended items.
  • Prepare for your journey by checking the local weather forecast and traffic updates. A particularly frosty morning or a road-blocked route might encourage you to delay non-essential journeys.
  • Charge your mobile phone before making a long journey. If an accident does happen, a mobile phone with signal and an internet connection provides a whole host of ways to arrange help and assistance.

We understand it is not easy maintaining a van, so that is why our lease-approved workshop can take care of those jobs for you. Arrange a servicing appointment online today with our specialist technicians. We can carry out a full vehicle health check that will assess the function of your anti-freeze, lights, battery, tyre condition and brakes. As well as using the latest diagnostic equipment, we will offer you a free courtesy van whilst your own vehicle is being inspected.

We are a large dealership network, covering the areas of Harlow , who specialise in providing and maintaining LCVs. We are proud to supply the van-driving community in South-East England with excellent customer service and the best vans that are available on the market. It is also our responsibility to keep our close-knit community up-to-date with all the latest van-related news. Visit our News page for regular updates on van maintenance and new models.