Handing Back your Leased Van? Here are our Top Tips

Van Leasing

Commercial van leasing is a practical and affordable way to get your business on the road. Firstly, you don’t have to budget for a new vehicle. Secondly, there’s no need to worry about depreciation costs. And, with a wide range of modern vehicles available, you can pick a van to suit your needs.

But what about handing back your leased van at the end of the contract? While this might fill you with fear, it’s normally a pretty straightforward process. Here are our top tips to put your mind at ease.

Understand the rules of ‘fair wear and tear’

If a vehicle has been used for a number of years, it’s not going to be in the same condition it was when you first leased it. Reputable dealerships offering van contract hire understand this and won’t be expecting perfection. However, the vehicle will be inspected for damage that falls outside the standard ‘fair wear and tear’ guidelines. In truth, you’ll probably know if you’re likely to endure extra costs from the condition of the van. That said; always fully check over your vehicle before you give it back, so you can knowledgeably discuss any issues that arise.

Point to note: make sure your vehicle is dry when you return it. It can be difficult to spot scratches and scrapes on a wet vehicle and you may have to bring the vehicle back later or wait for it to dry.

Take good care of your vehicle from the start

Of course, no one wants to pay out more than they actually have to, so try to look after your vehicle from the very start. This means taking it for regular servicing, keeping your MOT up-to-date, and visiting a trained mechanic qualified to work on the make and model of your van if you notice a problem. What’s more, if replacement parts are needed at any point, always opt for manufacturer-approved items as these will maintain van quality.

Point to note: If your vehicle is dented or scratched, it might be worth getting quotes for cosmetic repairs before you hand the car back, so you remain in full control over what you have to shell out.

Clean your vehicle inside and out

Being seen as a responsible van owner will work in your favour when you come to return a lease vehicle. After all, contract hire companies want to see that their vans are being taken care of and reserve the right to deny you a future offer. So, always clean the vehicle inside and out to ensure it’s in impeccable condition. You should also remove any personal items to avoid losing them during the handover and to improve the presentation of your van.

If you regularly eat in your vehicle, be sure to open the windows in advance to eliminate bad smells and get rid of any dirty packets and wrappers. Your van is not a rubbish dump!

Give everything back

When returning lease vans, give everything back. This includes all sets of keys, original documents, the full-service history, valid MOT equipment, emergency supplies, and any optional equipment that was fitted for the duration of your lease period. If you don’t arrive with the necessary documents and items, you may have to return on another date and that could waste time.

Used vans are available from Vanwise Group. Take a look at our business contract hire offers available today and contact us for more information. You’ll find our dealership in Harlow.