How to Lower the Cost of Your Van Insurance

Van Insurance

Insurance is a pain. We can all agree on that. But, it is necessary, both by law and to prevent any massive loss or payouts should disaster strike. Luckily, there are ways that you can make your van insurance cheaper and save yourself a few pennies. To help you out, our team of expert van mechanics at Vanwise Group have pulled together their tips on how to lower the price of yours.

Why is Van Insurance So Expensive?

Vans are notoriously expensive to insure and, you might find, it costs considerably more than other vehicles if you don’t know our little tips. There are a number of reasons for this including the size of vans, their usually-powerful engines and the general increase in crash risks from unskilled drivers.

Opt Out of Automatic Renewals

Never let your insurance auto-renew itself as it’ll probably increase ten-fold! Usually you can find an insurance company that has a deal for signing up with them that makes the cost of van insurance pretty reasonable, but once that deals up and your insurance auto-renews the cost will sky-rocket. Cancel your plan before and shop around for a new deal.

Van Insurance Quotes

You should get a wide range of van insurance quotes, both from comparison websites and straight from the insurers themselves. You can also get in touch with the insurers, playing ‘hard to get’, and see if you can get them to lower their prices for your custom.

Improve your Chances

To lower the cost of van insurance, you can make your van more appealing to your insurers. By doing things like installing an alarm system, a lock for your steering wheel and a tracking device, your van is going to be more secure and so rates will go down. Even something like advertising your business on the side of your van makes it less appealing for potential thieves and insurance companies should take this into account.

Cover your Contents

Make sure you pick a plan that includes contents insurance. This won’t lower your cost, but it will ensure you get as much as possible for your money. Also, you don’t want to wait until it’s too late to have all your tools stolen and then realize they aren’t covered in your plan!

Is van insurance expensive? Yes – we can’t deny that. Can you do anything to reduce the cost? Yes! Take that little extra time to make your van more secure, shop around and find the best deals and you’ll be able to save money on yours.

If the price of van insurance means you can’t spend as much on the van itself, take a look at our used vans at Vanwise Group which are far cheaper than those bought new. You can check them out online or at our sites in Harlow. We also have finance for vans in place to help you guys get the vehicle you want even if you can’t afford it in one go. We think vans should be available to everyone so we’re making it possible.