How your business could benefit from a used van

Buying a van for business

In every business, a key element of success is balancing the books. So, while a new van may seem like a good option, used commercial vans can save businesses thousands alongside a range of other benefits.

Benefit from knowledge and experience

Whether you are purchasing a van for private or commercial use, it is important that the seller is someone you trust. A used commercial vehicle dealer is likely to have hands-on mechanical experience and knowledge of a range of vans, so will be able to offer advice on which model is most likely to suit your needs. In many cases, specific dealers of new vans may only offer one of two makes, so they are unlikely to be able to provide you with a complete overview of the options available.

Access to expensive trims

If you are looking for a van with the luxury trim options such as parking sensors, sat-navs, and cruise control, often these accessories can be out of budget on a new van. However, if you opt for a high-spec used van, your budget will stretch much further, and you are likely to find that you can purchase a vehicle with a wealth of useful extras.

Most used van showrooms will have a variety of vans for sale, with the most popular trims readily kept in stock. But, if there is a specific model and trim you are looking for, the best showrooms will be able to source a vehicle quickly for you.

Reduction in costs and slower depreciation

Whether you are a start-up with a small budget or an established business looking to reduce outgoings, used commercial vans offer a competitive option when compared to purchasing brand new. In many cases, if you have already decided on a particular make and model, there is likely to be a used option for sale which sits in your budget, often with a higher spec.

A vehicle will depreciate in value rapidly during the first 12 months, which is not ideal if you only plan on owning the vehicle for a few years. Instead, opt for a used van which is in great condition; you will be losing out on less money in the long run when it comes to resale.

Reduced waiting times

If you are purchasing a van, it is likely that you need it quickly, so waiting for a new van to be delivered can impact your business. If you are looking for a vehicle urgently, a used option will be available to be driven away from the showroom immediately.

We have a range of used commercial vans for sale, which are available to view and test drive in our showrooms in Harlow. We also have an extensive range of business contract hire commercial vehicles available. If you have any questions about our range or would like to find out more about the benefits a used commercial vehicle could have to your business, please contact our experienced team today.