Likely maintenance on a refrigerator van - what to consider

Maintenance tips for a refrigerator van

Transporting perishable goods - be they floral, edible, or even medical in nature - demands a vehicle that offers the utmost in reliability. Of course, not only does the performance of the van in question need to be of the highest quality, but the ability to preserve transported goods with the necessary level of refrigeration is vital.

At Vanwise in Harlow, we try to ensure that the performance of each and every refrigerator van we sell has undergone full maintenance checks to deliver the best drive and reliability. But what are the most likely forms of maintenance your refrigerator van might face and what should you consider once you’re in possession of your vehicle? We take a look at some of the key considerations for refrigerator van maintenance.

1. Regular insulation and cooling system checks

One of the defining features of any refrigerator van is the presence of an insulated ‘envelope’ and cooling system. Often, this cooling system is a mechanical vapour compression system that is powered by the van’s engine; as such, conducting regular checks and inspections of these systems is vital to preservation of performance. Whether it’s a failure with the compressor unit or perhaps the insulation has been compromised, preserving the ability to maintain cooling transportation of goods means engaging in regular inspections.

2. Bodywork inspections

Conducting inspections on the bodywork of your refrigerator van is essential for identifying any damage or corrosion. Such issues can negatively affect the performance of the cooling system, thereby impacting the preservation of the chilled goods being transported. Should you discover any holes, damage, or corrosion, it’s important that you correct them using appropriate sealants.

3. Handling equipment damage

When it comes to transporting any commercial goods - or even bulky objects of a personal nature - the risk of damage caused by handling equipment is all too real. Often the most common maintenance issues arise from damage caused through loading and unloading cargo; scratches to the internal container can cause the integrity of the chilled vehicle to be compromised. Focus, in particular, on the air distribution and refrigeration systems.

4. Optimise internal temperature

It goes without saying that maintaining the optimum temperature within a refrigerator van is key to performance. As such, regular maintenance in relation to the environment should be conducted. Ensure you take the time to place a temperature probe within the vehicle and set the engine running, and set the desired temperature for your goods. Record the accuracy of the internal temperature to check it matches the one set. By conducting such checks regularly, you will be able to identify any discrepancies as and when they occur.

Regular vehicle maintenance represents a wise investment whether you’re purchasing a family car or a commercial vehicle. With refrigerated vans, this requirement is no different, albeit with additional unique elements that require investigation. At Vanwise, we work hard to ensure each and every used refrigerator van we sell has been thoroughly inspected to offer the very best performance. Contact us today to find out more about the maintenance we can help provide.