Our top tips for van racking

Getting the most from your load space with ranking

‘A tidy desk’, as the saying goes, ‘Is a tidy mind’. Or in our world that should be, ‘A tidy van is a tidy mind’. If a van or a fleet of vans is a vital part of your operations, maintaining an uncluttered cabin and getting the most from your load space is inevitably going to be important.

Organising your tools in a van doesn’t just mean stacking them up in an empty cargo bay. To make life much easier (and you’re tools more secure) when you’re out and about it pays to use van shelving or racking. Not only will it maximise the space available, it may also mean you can invest in a smaller van, resulting in lower running costs and a healthier bottom line.

So, what’s the best method of organising your tools in a van using racking? We’ve put together some top tips so you can make the most of your van space and avoid some of the common pitfalls.

Plan it out

Before you start drilling holes in your pristine van, sketch or list out on paper what your van will be carrying on a day-to-day basis. Thinking in advance about what needs to be stored, and coming up with a few work van organisation ideas, will save hassle – or a missed opportunity – later on.

Choose suitable materials

The cheapest racking solution for van shelving tends to be wood. Inexpensive and easy to fit, it can be in place and ready to go within a day. On the downside, it’s heavy and can affect your payload, so it’s also worth considering galvanised steel, which is more durable and available in easy-to-fit solutions.

Go modular

Opting for a modular solution will allow you much greater flexibility. It enables you to transfer your racking to other vehicles in your fleet or remove modules when you have a large piece of equipment to transport. A modular racking system is likely to last the duration of two vehicles, and prevents the need to do it all again should you update your van.

Stay safe

It’s vital that the solution you use has been proven to be road-safe and won’t endanger your driver or crew. Most employee liability insurance policies insist that racking systems have been crash tested. Luckily, many modular systems in aluminum, steel or plywood are safety compliant.

Think outside the box

If you imagine your van to be a mobile office as well as a means of transporting tools and equipment, it will impact the way you organise your racking. The advanced options out there are worth considering when it comes to planning your van racking, so research the possibilities before beginning.

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