Our top tips on keeping your business van safe and secure

Ensuring your business van is safe and secure

For businesses that have invested in commercial vehicles, ensuring they are safe and secure - and that the contents are protected from theft - when left unattended is of vital importance. While commercial vehicle insurance offers a degree of compensation should your van be stolen or compromised, it pays to take a number of measures to keep your new or used van safe from the clutches of opportunists.

Here are a few of our top tips to keep safe and secure.

Don’t leave unlocked when unattended

It might sound obvious, but think about how often you step away from your vehicle for just a couple of minutes. It doesn’t take long for someone to jump into the driver’s seat and take your vehicle, or to get their hands on any exposed cargo. So even if you’re just dropping a package off, ensure you lock your vehicle for the duration of your time away.

Keep windows closed

When the summer sun is beating down, it’s only natural for you to want to leave the windows of your commercial vehicle wide open, particularly if you’re likely to be driving around for many hours each day. That said, even the slightest opening of your van’s windows presents an opportunity. Regardless of the temperature or the need to air out your vehicle, ensure you securely close all windows when away from the vehicle.

Fitted security measures

As modern vehicles become more and more sophisticated, the level of security offered as standard should ensure that your van has a high level of defence. That said, not all models are packed with the highest grade equipment, particularly if they’re older. In such cases investing in fitted security measures such as car alarms is key to deterring any potential thefts. You can even look to add more secure locks to the vehicle’s doors, with deadlocks and slamlocks making your van almost impenetrable.

Tracking devices

Should the worst happen and you suffer vehicle theft, finding the new location and tracing the culprit can be a time-consuming and even fruitless venture. By installing a tracking device in your van, you will be able to determine its precise location at any time, and be able to notify the relevant authorities when it comes to recovering your vehicle. Tracking devices can be purchased for only a small amount of money, so it pays to take such measures.

Find out more about staying safe

For more details on how to ensure that any commercial vehicle you buy is secure when left unattended, contact the team at Vanwise today. We will be able to advise you on the suitable measures to take and detail those models that offer the very latest in security technology. Visit our dealership in Harlow today.