Our top tips to prepare your van for its MOT

How to get your Van MOT ready

Having your van off the road can be an inconvenience, especially if it’s for several days at once. That’s why it’s always a good idea to give your commercial vehicle a quick check over before the annual MOT test – it’ll mean a better chance of passing and no extra time in the garage. Here’s a short guide to getting your van MOT ready.

Windscreen and wipers

The first thing to check is the windscreen, wipers and washers. Ensure there are no cracks or stone chips in your windscreen – if there’s anything big or on the driver’s side that may be deemed to obscure vision, your van could fail.

Next, check the wipers for cracks or breaks. If you haven’t used them for a while, turn them on to check they’re working correctly. Finally, ensure the windscreen wash Is topped up and works as desired. It’s a small thing, but important when it comes to the MOT.

Wheels and tyres

Wheels and tyres are thoroughly checked as part of your van MOT, so before taking it into the garage, inspect them yourself. If your vehicle has alloys, ensure the wheel nuts and locking wheel nut key are in place.

Next, check the tyres for any bulges, cracks, or foreign bodies and arrange to have them changed if they present anything untoward. Knowing how to check tyre tread is also useful: get a 20p coin and insert it into the treads. If you can see the outer rim of the coin, the tyre is getting worn and needs to be replaced.


One of the MOT test requirements is that all lights are working correctly, and one of the most common reasons for failure is that they aren’t. Before heading to the garage, test the headlights, indicators, back and brake lights and the fog lights to ensure all are working. You can do this when it’s dark or get a colleague to check everything’s in order while you flip the switches.

Other checks

There are a few other things you can check in advance of your van MOT. These include oil levels, seatbelts and mirrors. Make sure both registration plates are clean and clearly visible too, and check underneath the vehicle to ensure there are no leaks. Lastly, take a look at the safety features in the cargo area to ensure everything is present and correct.

Although it’s not essential, you may want to use this opportunity to ensure that you van is equipped with basics such as a first aid kit, warning triangle and jump leads. That way, if you do happen to get caught out further down the line, you know you have what you need.

Van servicing and repair

With dealerships located in Harlow, Vanwise Group offers certified MOT testing for commercial vehicles. Our expert technicians carry out comprehensive checks to ensure your van is roadworthy and will notify you of any issues that need attention. Contact us today to book your MOT.