Seven reasons why a Volkswagen Crafter van is the way to go

Buying a Volkswagen Crafter van

If you’re in need of a reliable, robust, practical, and stylish commercial van, you may not know where to start. With so many brands, makes and models available, finding something quality that will meet the demands of your business can seem like a minefield – but you’ve come to the right place. This article explains the benefits of Volkswagen as a reputable marque for commercial vehicles, zooming in on the highly regarded Volkswagen Crafter.

Used VW Crafter models are available to buy outright or as part of a van contract hire solution. But before you jump in the deep end and make those final transportation decisions, here are seven reasons why the Volkswagen Crafter van is the way to go in today’s modern, fast-paced business environment.

1)No detail is left to chance

As a German car manufacturer, Volkswagen’s efficiency and meticulous craftmanship is respected across the globe. Absolutely no detail is left to chance concerning the Crafter with the supreme blend of utility, versatility, and comfort being key talking points. An award-winning model with a determined attitude, plenty of confidence and a passion for hard work, the Crafter has been designed to dig deep and take on any challenge you throw its way. When it comes to Volkswagen, no design element should be underestimated as every single part of the design has a purpose or use, from the wide sliding doors to the three-vehicle lengths and three roof heights which are tailored to your requirements.

2)There’s a Crafter for everyone

The Crafter Panel van is a wonderful urban companion, taking on inner-city traffic without breaking a sweat. Single and double-cab chassis are also available and with Startline, Trendline or Highline trim levels allowing for optimum choice, flexibility is what the Crafter range is all about. One look at the Crafter Panel Van will pique your interest thanks to its bold lines, distinctive front grille, and dominant Volkswagen logo. But hop inside and you’ll also find a spacious, comfortable driving environment with plenty of leg and headroom.

The Crafter range is highly adaptable with a vehicle to suit every driver and company. While the Commercial Crafters can seat up to eight people with ease, Crafter Tippers and Dropsides are ideal for loading and off-loading, making them ideal for construction and forestry companies.

3)Eco-friendly and efficient to drive

If you’re on the road for the majority of the day as a commercial van driver, it’s necessary to think about your carbon footprint. Reducing fuel consumption can not only save you money but it can protect the environment giving you peace of mind. The good news is, many used van dealers these days offer vehicles such as the Crafter which has been designed to be greener and more fuel-efficient.

Indeed, newer Volkswagen Crafter vans comply with Euro 6 emissions regulations which means you can access low-emissions zones in London and other parts of the country without being charged a daily fee. This is all thanks to improved specs and Euro 6 diesel engines which allow you to get from A to B smoothly without pumping out unnecessary toxins or compromising on performance. The VW Crafter Panel Van, for instance, offers a range of 2.0-litre engines that are nippy and responsive. The best performance comes from the 102PS or 140PS versions, both returning up to 32.8mpg and 193g/km of CO2 emissions.

4)Impressive payload and load volume

Before buying or leasing a used van it’s important to know how much they can actually carry as this will, of course, affect your overall decision. The Crafter is an expert carrier and, depending on the wheelbase you go for, has enough room for four to six Euro pallets. All cargo can be fixed and fastened with lashing rings recessed into the floor for optimum strength and support. This means that any load you carry from A to B will remain safe inside the Crafter for the duration of your journey.

5)Smart interior with advanced tech features

Commercial van drivers can spend very long hours out on the road. With the maximum number of hours behind the wheel being ten per day for UK drivers, this means that close to half of your day can be spent driving. That’s why a comfortable, smart interior is essential. The Crafter ticks all boxes with regards to ergonomics and storage solutions. The Startline trim, for example, adds storage under the passenger seat and a fold-down tray in the backrest for writing or placing a laptop.

While the dashboard is intuitive and clearly displayed, the Crafter infotainment system is logical and easy to use with beautifully crisp graphics. Selected models also come with a Bluetooth radio and USB connection.

6)Parking is simple and hassle-free

Parking a large commercial vehicle can seem daunting, but the Volkswagen Crafter range is designed to make maneuvering easier than ever thanks to features such as Trailer Assist, Rear Traffic Alert, and Park Assist. Being able to feel confident behind the wheel is part and parcel of running a successful business which is why, in reverse gear, the vehicle can automatically take over the steering while the driver focuses on pedal controls. Speed-sensitive steering also allows for parking precision.

7)Safety is of paramount importance

Volkswagen vehicles are crafted with safety in mind and as no van can be too safe, they’ve gone the extra mile to give you peace of mind. Features of the Crafter are plentiful and include a number of passive safety systems such as Front Assist which alerts you if you’re too close to another driver and City Emergency Braking which prevents collisions by activating emergency braking when necessary. Side Protection also provides audible alerts should you get too close to another vehicle or pedestrians, pillars, walls and so on.

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