Three Tips for Choosing a Refrigerated Van to Hire

Hiring a Refrigerated Van

The refrigerated van industry is not the most intuitive. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know exactly what you need. So, here are 3 useful tips to set you off on the right track.

Think carefully about your requirements

Not all refrigerated vans are the same, so think carefully about what you want when looking for a refrigerated van for sale. Here are several things to consider.

  • The temperate required. If you’re transporting food such as ice cream, it must be stored and transported at a constant -25 temperature. If it melts and refreezes, small crystals will cause a grainy texture and therefore you need a refrigerated van that’s going to reach low enough temperatures and be reliable. The same applies for other edible and non-edible products. If you’re carrying medicines and pharmaceutical products from one place to another, for instance, you’ll need a dual compartment van that meets the specific conditions of each product.
  • The payload. Think about what you safely need to load into a van on a daily basis. Do the calculations and work out what size van you require for your business to run efficiently. There are many vans on financethat effectively maximise how much you can carry on a single trip.
  • The wheelbase. The wheelbase of a vehicle effects the depth of the load space, so if you’re carrying pallets, you need to look at the specific measurements for each van brand.

Think about specific features

As well as a general overview about what you’re carrying and the space you need, it’s also vital to think about any specific features. Do you need an anti-slip floor for instance? Or extra shelving and racking? Think outside the box. While some products might seem light, heavy ice might be needed for packing purposes and to help maintain the necessary chill. This is something fish retailers have to deal with and could mean you need a bigger van to what you previously thought.

Decide on the look and feel of the van

There are many refrigerated vans on the market all offering unique style elements. No matter what you’re transporting, your van can look aesthetically pleasing and make a good impression. So, whether you want to lease or buy a refrigerated van, always look at the specifications. Highlights of select models include a four-spoke steering wheel for a car-like feel, premium seat fabric, an impressive audio kit, a chrome-detailed instrument cluster and satellite navigation – making on-road travel a breeze.

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