Top 4 cargo vans of 2018

Best cargo vans to buy this year

When looking for the best used cargo van for your company, knowing where to start in terms of sorting the wheat from the chaff will help you eliminate those models that are next to no good for your requirements. Such a time-saving measure will also mean you can spend longer taking some of the best cargo vans of 2018 for a test drive to determine the overall suitability of their performance.

Here are Vanwise inHarlow, we aim to help you find the best models for the best price and with as little stress as possible. That’s why we’re delighted to provide you with a brief rundown of the top four cargo vans of 2018.

1. Fiat Doblo Cargo

Versatility is key when it comes to choosing the best cargo van. With the Fiat Doblo Cargo available in a selection of body styles, wheelbases, and roof heights, there is almost certainly a used Doblo Cargo to suit your demands. The generous dimensions and carrying ability - the Doblo Cargo is capable of transporting up to 5m3 of load volume and a maximum payload of 1,005kg - as well as fuel-efficient engines that can achieve up to 61.4mpg depending on the model, this is a great value, great performing used cargo van that you can rely on.

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2. Ford Transit Connect

Smaller than its acclaimed sibling, the regular Transit, the Ford Transit Connect is a compact cargo van that provides a car-like drive. Available in both short and long wheelbases - dubbed the L1 and L2 - the Transit Connect comes in a selection of configurations depending on your requirements. With a load capacity of 2.9m3 in the L1 and 3.6m3 in the L2, and the option to include High Payload modifications that take a total payload to over 1,000kg, this is a model that is more than capable. Plus, with ECOnetic engines providing clean performance and up to 72.4mpg, it’s an economical choice for prudent business owners.

3. Volkswagen Caddy

Featuring a car-like performance, big van capability, and style to spare, a used Volkswagen Caddy represents the ideal cargo van for any business needs. The build quality is second-to-none whether you’re selecting the standard or long-wheelbase option, while the performance is responsive yet economical, with the BlueMotion edition capable of an impressive 70mpg. With a maximum payload of 857kg and load volumes of up to 4.2m3, the Caddy more than meets the challenges of day-to-day work.

4. Mercedes-Benz Citan

The Mercedes-Benz name is synonymous with quality, with both its passenger vehicles and commercial models raising the standards of what can be offered. The Mercedes-Benz Citan, for example, leads the way in terms of what a modern cargo van should be. Available Compact, Long, and Extra Long body styles, it offers a maximum payload of 810kg, and up to 65.7mpg. Of course, being a Mercedes, you have the added comfort of knowing that the build quality is of the highest standard throughout, and the reliability of the vehicle is long-lasting.

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