Top 5 Offline Navigation Apps for Van Drivers

Top five best navigation apps for iPhone and Android devices

The arrival of GPS was truly revolutionary to vehicle drivers around the nation. Stacks of old, tattered maps were thrown gleefully into the bin and Sat-Navs and phones were stuck to the windows of vans across the country as our drives became digital. What a wonderful time to be alive! Well, until your internet fails of course. Then, your phone map apps become pretty useless – unless their offline maps & navigation!

We’ve taken a look at some of the best GPS navigation apps that don’t need internet so you can have peace of mind that you’ll be able to get home even if your 4G fails.


iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

Navmii is in the running for best navigation app in our opinion. It’s free to install, with national maps being available for a couple of quid each, and is available across a range of devices including iPhone’s, Android and Windows. With a simple design and fast, smooth function, this app delivers everything you could ask for from offline maps & navigation. It does have ads, but they aren’t too intrusive and you can get rid of them for a tiny fee of around £2.

CoPilot Premium

iPhone and Android

Another contender for best offline navigation app for android, iPhone and other devices is CoPilotPremium. It used to be pretty basic in the world of GPS navigation apps, but it’s latest refurbishment has left it much sleeker and easier to use. There are costs for maps based on areas, usually between £5-£30, and voice navigation can be added for around £10. In terms of function, it’s search system can be slightly irritating, but it does well on the road, pointing out areas of interest, handling detours efficiently and you can choose from 2D or 3D maps.

Google Maps

iPhone and Android

Everyone knows of Google Maps (well, we assume so anyway) and this little app can now be used offline. Just download the area you need before your journey and your away! The app is simple but effective, without the flashy extras of the other apps but doing what it needs to do pretty well.


iPhone and Android

For those of you who need to navigate through cities offline, Here WeGo is a great little app. It might even be the best navigation app for iPhone and Android when it comes to city routes! With a sleek, minimal interface that’s easy to follow, multiple options of travel (just in case you find yourself out of the van at any point) and 1300 cities available, it’s a pretty nice offline maps & navigation app. It’s also free, which is a definite bonus in our books!


iPhone and Android

MAPS.ME is a super detailed, worldwide offline map app that’s free to download. With points on interest easily identifiable, maps updated frequently to stay up-to-date and a fast interface that allows for stress-free driving, MAPS.ME is a good choice for van drivers all around the world.

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