Van Drivers Cause 10 Injuries a Week from Tailgating on UK Roads

Van Tailgating Accidents

According to research, van drivers cause 10 injuries a week from tailgating on UK roads. In fact, this kind of irresponsible driving is more likely to lead to a crash than speeding, drink driving, and bad weather.

There are 4,000 tailgating-related crashes every year resulting in 6,000 injuries, with 8% of these collisions involving light commercial vehicles. 55% of all tailgating incidents happen on roads with drivers found guilty of such an offense facing a £100 fine, 3 points on their license, or even worse. Drivers can also be banned from the road or face a prison sentence if a serious collision or fatality occurs.

What tailgating means for business

As well as putting lives at risk, tailgating can also take its toll on businesses. When drivers are banned from getting behind the wheel they can’t work and this increases company downtime as replacement drivers need to be found. Poor driving can also damage the reputation of a business if the van involved in a collision is branded or known to be associated with a specific organisation.

Even if a ban doesn’t occur, maintenance work following a collision can be costly. Fleets need to be running smoothly in order for profits to be made and any disruption to this can be detrimental to the bottom line. Downtime costs the fleet an average of £550 a day per van, while UK car repair bills stand at an average of £2,137. What’s more, it only takes one incident for business insurance premiums to skyrocket, making it difficult to get affordable insurance in the future.

Rear-end shunts can also be disruptive to delivery and supply chains leading to angry consumers, numerous complaints, and angry drivers stuck in traffic. Products can be destroyed or damaged if they spill out across the road too or get damaged during an incident. So, it’s in everyone’s best interest to just slow down and take control of their on-road behaviour.

How to avoid tailgating

Tailgating is completely avoidable. Drivers should follow the 2-second rule which means they must stay at least 2-seconds behind the vehicle in front to help them slow down or stop should an incident occur. Any closer and you’ll be classed as tailgating, putting lives at risk in the process.

Modern used vans also come equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control which helps adapt vehicle speed to ensure you never get too close to another driver. Automatic slowing and stopping in traffic are both achieved through advanced technology such as Front Assist monitoring systems and City Emergency Braking. When updating your fleet or looking for quality vans to expand your business, opting for vans with such inbuilt safety can improve on-road performance.

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