Why van mods can improve business

Van mods and improving business

A van is so much more than just a van these days. It can be a mobile office, a home on wheels, a portable fridge, a beauty salon … almost anything you want. Here we take a look at some of the modifications and additions you can make to your van to make it an even better version of itself …

Insurance: a word of warning

If you make any changes to your van that means it is no longer as it was when it left the dealership, you need to tell your insurer about them straightaway.

Your current insurer should still be able to cover you, and often your premium won't be affected; sometimes it will go up, but it can also go down if a modification makes your van safer. If you've made lots of changes, you might be able to get a better deal from an insurer specialising in cover for modified vans.

Changes you can make to your van

Bluetooth: Bluetooth allows you to make hands-free calls, and (usually) play music from your phone or internet streaming services like Spotify or Google Play.

Lighting: Some vans come with lights in the load bay; if yours doesn't, you might want to install your own to help you see better what you're doing. They can be particularly helpful if you have to park in places that aren't well lit.

Storage: You can add cabinets, tool racks, drawers, bins, shelves, lockable cupboards or safes for expensive tools, roof racks – anything you like to help you transport equipment easily, safely, and securely.

Desks: Many vans come with a passenger seat that can fold down and be used as a desk; if yours doesn't have one, you might want to install a small fold-down surface yourself so you can do paperwork on the go. Some desks are lockable so you can keep sensitive documents safe.

Workbenches: Similarly, electricians, plumbers, locksmiths, or repair people might want to install a workbench in the van – you have somewhere to work undercover if the weather is bad, and it can double up as storage too.

Tow bar: A tow bar allows you to pull a trailer, caravan, bike rack, horsebox, or boat trailer. A trailer isn't just useful for transporting heavy machinery and large equipment – some loads, like bales of hay, might just be easier to carry that way.

Specialist equipment: You might want to convert your van into anything from an ice cream van or coffee van to a mobile beauty salon. What you want to add will depend on what you're creating, but could include countertops, sinks, fridges and freezers, LPG cylinders, heating, power points, and specialist machines.

Camping: If you're converting your van into a home, you may want to install beds, storage, cooking and washing facilities, and seats.

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