Why You Should Put your Business Brand on your Van

Putting your Brand on your Van

When we talk about putting your business brand on your van you probably know what we’re talking about, but do you know why so many people do it? Let our team at Vanwise Group explain why it’s such a good idea.

Branding commercial vehicles

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, we’ll explain. Vehicle branding is when a van (or any kind of transport) has its logo placed somewhere on it. Usually, it’s on one or more of the sides and is pretty large so that everyone can spot it. Why do this? Well, there are a number of advantages of branding your vehicle. Check them out…

Reduce Chance of Theft

The first in our benefits of vehicle branding is that you’re making it much less appealing to thieves. It’s not exactly conspicuous to drive around in a stolen vehicle that has the owners brand in big, bold lettering all over it! This, in turn, should reduce your insurance. Insurers will understand that your van is less likely to be stolen and so you’ll find yourself saving money – the logo will pay for itself!

Mobile Benefits of Vehicle Branding

By having your brand on your van, you can advertise your business wherever you go. Rather than paying for a stagnant billboard or magazine ad, you have the chance to advertise to a wide audience whilst you’re on the move. It’s a no-brainer! People also pay attention to other cars whilst on the road so they’ll be more likely to take your ad in, especially if it’s on the back of your vehicle. Anyone behind you on the road is going to take note of your business.

Cheap Cheap Cheap

There are a ton of benefits of vehicle branding but one of the best is how cheap it is. Instead of dishing out repeat payments for TV, print or digital ads, you can make a small, one-time payment and reap the benefits for years to come! Trust us, your bank balance will thank you for it. It’ll also give you a bigger return on investment as you’ll put in less money and so all the great work you get from it will have higher profit margins. Win-win!

Vehicle Branding Tips

We have a few vehicle branding tips to help you make the most of yours. Firstly, choose a logo that’s bold and stands out against the colour of your car. Keep fonts simple, large and readable to prevent any confusion and always have your contact details in an easy to see place. We also recommend using the same logo, colours and fonts across your other ads and platforms (such as your website) to help with brand continuity.

If you’re looking to invest in a van for your business, check out Vanwise Group’s range of carefully selected used vans, making your money go further. We also have finance solutions in place to help you budget for your van in a way that suits you. To see more about what we do, take a wander around our website or come and visit our teams at one of our three sites in Harlow.