"Recommend a Friend" Reward Scheme

We're thrilled to introduce our brand new "Recommend a Friend" Reward Scheme to all our valued customers.

A Special Thank You

As a substantial part of our business is generated through customer recommendation, we think a special thank you is appropriate. If a new or used vehicle sale is generated from your personal referral, we will be delighted to express our gratitude.

What is included?

  • £100 cashback reward for each friend you refer
  • £200 discount on your friend's first purchase.
  • Bottle Isle of Raasay signature Whiskey or Gin to share

Recommend now

As an existing customer, simply send us an email using the below form, containing the following information:

About you

We'll need you to give us your details, including:

  • Your title, forename(s), and surname
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number

About your friend or family member

When sending us details of the person you're recommending, fill the below in the "Message" box:

  • Their title, first name and surname
  • A phone number we can contact them on

Get Started

Need any help?

Our crew is available to answer any queries on 01279216250, email at contact@vanwise.com, and live chat.

Best Wishes,
Vanwise Team