New Year, New Van!

New Van for 2020?

What better time to treat yourself to a van upgrade than at the start of a new year – and in the case of 2020, a brand-new decade? Whether you need a high-quality used van for your self-employed tradesman business or are looking to update you company fleet, why not get the ball rolling and look for something that meets you professionalneeds?

Here’s some useful advice to help you make the right decision:

Think about van size

When it comes to buying a new van for the new year, think carefully about what you want. If you run a small operation with limited tools and very rarely carry passengers, then a compact van such as the stylish Fiat Doblo or Citroen Berlingo might be the right option for you. In contrast, if you regularly transport heavy loads, then a mid-sized van such as the Peugeot Expert could be more appropriate, capable of fitting two pallets inside. A Ford Transit is another good option thanks to its robustness, reliability and hardworking attitude.

Think about the transmission

If you like taking full control of your on-road driving experience, then manual transmission might be your preferred option. Alternatively, if you want to think about nothing but the road ahead, then checking out automatic van listings might be a more sensible option. The good news is; there are plenty of vans available that fit both criteria. While the Mercedes-Benz Vito, for example, is one example of a van offering automatic transmission, the Ford Transit Connect comes with a manual gearbox. Some vans give you the choice of either as well as semi-automatic options.

Think about fuel type

Also, give some thought to fuel type. While diesel vans are often considered to have better torque and towing power, petrol vans are notoriously eco-friendlier, with plug-in hybrid vans reducing emissions further. Diesel vans are renowned for being more cost-effective when covering long distances, whereas petrol vans are ideal for stop-start, inner-city driving.

Think about emissions

Many parts of the UK are becoming low-emissions zones meaning you’ll be charged a daily fee if your van doesn’t meet certain emissions standards. The good news is; all new light commercial vans made after September 2016 must comply with Euro 6 emissions standards, so consider this when doing a used van search. These aim to reduce the amount of harmful toxins such as nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide being released into the air.

Think about commercial van hire

If you don’t want the responsibility of full van ownership, van contract hire is a great alternative. When budgeting at the start of the year, affordable lease contracts can be a great way to save money while driving a reliable van and not having to worry about depreciation costs. Many of the vans on finance alsocome with state-of-the art entertainment and navigation systems as well as safety technology designed to keep you as safe on the road as possible.

Start the new year with a high-quality used van from Vanwise Group. Based in Harlow, we offer vans from a wide range of reputable marques and only put vans for resale once they’ve been given a thorough safety and performance check. Our business contract hire offers are also practical and convenient for all businesses.